Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
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Snakecharmer Rage Against The Machine

Satelittes and mirrors and a man without a home
A horse and a rider and a clever cunning killer
Silent in error and vocal in spotlight
Lying always sucking on a bottle of that sweet
Indulgent fluid
Oh greed oh yes

Your friendship is a fog
That disapperas when the wind redirects
You. Yes you.
A father`s expectations, soul soaked in spit and

And you gotta make it where
To a sanctuary that`s only a fragile American
An empty dream
A slefish, horrific vision
Passed on like the deadliest of viruses
Crushing you

So have no illusion boy
Vomit up all ideals and serve
Sleep and wake, and serve
Don`t think just wake and serve
Your friendship is a fog
That disappears when the wind redirects
You interested in you, interested in you

Interested in you, interested in you
Interested in you, interested in you

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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy

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