Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin` Stevens

Snow is fGalling all areound me C 
Children plGaying hCaving fGun
It's the season, love and undeerstanding C 
Merry ChrGistmas D  everyGon(De  G)  

Time for pGarties and celebreation C6
People dGancing Csus2all night lGong
Time for presents and exchanging keisses C6
Time for sGinging ChrDistmas sGon(Cadd2gs     G)  

  eWe're gonna havCe a parGty tonigDht
  eI'm gonna find Cthat girl
  GUnderneath the mistletoe,
  DWe'll kiss by candle light

Room is swaying, records playing
All the old songs, we love to hear
All I wish that everyday was Christmas
What a nice way to spend the year


We're gonna have a party tonight
I'm gonna find that girl
Underneath the mistletoe,
We'll kiss by candle light

Snow is falling all around me
Children playing having fun
It's the season, love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone

(tonacja w górę)
Snow is fAalling all arfisound me D 
Children plAaying hDaving fAun
It's the season, love and unfisderstandingD 
Merry ChrAistmas E  everyAone

Merry Christmas everyone
Merry Christmas everyone

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