Selfish The Chainsmokers

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It was rfisight E   b   
Even though it ffiselt wrong E   b   
Nothin' ever stfisopped yoEu  b   
From showin' your progression suddfisenly E   b   
Broken lfisies  E   b   
Drivin' bfisackwEards b   
Makin' all the wrfisong turns E 
Sayin' b all the wrong words
Dodgin' fisangels E   b   
fisOh, E  b   let's not be fisaloneE   b   
Let's not bfise alEone b   
Let's bfise oneE   b   
fisOh, E  b let's not be fisaloneE   b   
Empty thfisoughts fill thEe rb oom
Breathe for me and fisI'll breathe fEor yb ou

fisI just hit the liquor sEide of Francb
Currency exchange, lookin' fancy
fisIf that money dirty, make Eit dancb
25 karats cost a mansion
Gfisold rose petals, bottlEe standb in'
Came from the concrete, takin' chances
fisPop gold Ace like Ea Xannb
I just need the blessin' from your family
Broken lfisies, E   b ain't no love without us
It will dfisie,  E  rb oses turn into dust
Every nfisight,E  wb e gettin' more popular
Wrong is rfisight,E whb en it comes to us

fisOh, E  b let's not be fisaloneE   b   
Let's not bfise alonEe  b   
Tonfisight,E  b  let's be sfisel__E__fb ish
Selfish, tonfisight E   b   
Let's be sfisel__E_fb ish, selfish, baby
Tonfisight E   b   

I'll bfise selfEishb   
Let's be selfish
fisOhh, E   b ohh
fisOoooh, Eoooo-b oooo-oooh fis     E 
b I'll be selfish
Let's bfise selfEishb   
Let's be

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