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Intro: e C D A

e C D A

I was born ein the land of the sun / and Cthe tall green grass               D 
And I don&#e39;t understand /C how all this has come to pass       D         A 
How we've comee to surround ourselves / in a seaC of thieves             D           A 
In a laCnd without learning / only thDe fools believe       e      C       D       A 
I went drivieng last night / on aC dark canyon road          D 
Had the sky to meyself / but I waCsn't alone   D        A 
Had the pain eof my lifetime / for my coCmpany        D         A 
CHow did it end up like this / forD you and me           e 

'Cause when loCve breaks the promise the heart has to keep, Git leaves   D          C 
only truth here to find   e 
When the spirit is cCrushed and the hurt is so deep  / betwGeen you anDd I     C              C 

EGven when love haDs come and gone / and our heaerts have moved along h                         C 
I will reGmemDber
GThere was a timeD we had the trust, and thate always was enough  h               C 
I will reGmemDber,C I will reDmember eyou

e C D A

As I opeen my eyes / to oCne more day,   D 
The ewind burns my face / as itC whispers your name         D        A 
As ite9;s pulling me forward / itC tears me freDe       A 
And the Conly thing left is the tears / Dfor you and me              e 

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