Decapitated saints Vader


Black rotting blood invades my ailing flesh
Destroys and burns me down alive
Uncreated lips stinking of death
Excommunicated creators of mine
Blasphemous words and eyes that bleed
In horrible never ending torment
Waiting for hell my dead body looks ahead
That will be soon to an end
Prepare you to die,
This comes unexpected
Ask nobody "why?",
It's just an inevitable thing
Stilll existing mind being in deadly fear
Soon will be only heap of musty rot
Tongue, heart and all my gusts shall be digested
by the necrophagic grubs
No hope I must die and turn to ashen dust
My soul will fly away to realms of dead
Absurd resistance, I feel darkness takes my soul
I'm only, after all, the slave of hell
Raise from this grave
Is fear in your eyes?
You have to leave your flesh
Still wait for you - decapitated saints
I've died to live in everlasting world
Where reigns death and holy low of hate
Omniponent lords feeding the groans
Of turn souls imploring for mercy
I'm in the place, where sin is all around
And blood flows from every clipped head
A billion dirty souls decay in ones own blood
Awaitnig beneficial touch of force, that lets them die!
I'm rising up above eternal mists
Heavens lie at feet of mine
Wandering the sky I see transformed Christ
Whose head I'm holding in my hand
Is it possible, the heaven is the hell?
Perhaps it's my own terrible dream
Clipped sacred heads seem to say to me
"That's true, the sky has turned into fire!"

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