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oryginalna wersja: Sodom
muzyka : Sodom / słowa : Tom Angelripper

It's time to die
Death stands behind the doors
Satan sends his warriors
Demons break out of hell

Shrill cries
Angel dies
Shrill cries
Outbreak of evil

With sword and axes
They fight hard
In a massacre
They feel the hot smart

None can survive
People will destroy
Souls like hell
Where devils make a toy

oryginalna wersja - Kreator
muzyka : Robert Fioretti / słowa : Mille Petrozza

Dark Shadows lie over the city
Tonight someone will die, you can hear
Some painful scream the air is full of flies
The mayhemic legions are ready to steal the human souls
Come into my vault and do what you have been told
I'll eat your intestines no matter if you pray or please
I'll bring you down to your knees
Tonight you're gonna meet your fate you'll try to run but it's too
Late I am here to liquidate

Time to raise your flag of hate
Destroy the world is our only aim
To strike them down is the only way to make'em dead
And make'em pay
The gallow of the underground shippers on the sea of blood
All what we want is to crucify your God
The posers on this earth have no right to live
We gonna split their brains torture is what we give

oryginalna wersja - Terrorizer
muzyka: Terrorizer / słowa : Oscar Garcia

Can't escape all your worries
Endless sorrow, pain and suffer
Can't escape your emotions
Enslavement be the world you choose

You work so hard, all for nothing
Your dreams are shattered
Your goals destroyed
No-one listens to what we stand for
So why even try do you really care

The struggle continues as the cries of pain
Peace can no longer rest in your mind
The world you choose is fucked already
So stop dreaming and face reality

oryginalna wersja : Possessed
muzyka : Mike Torrao / słowa : Jeff Beccera

Arise from the dead and attack from the grave
The killing won't stop until first light
We'll bring you to hell because we want to enslave
Soul will be frozen with fright

We'll break through the crust, leave from our crypts
Protected by eternal life
Lay down the laws from our satanic scripts
Bringing you nothing but strife

Death metal
Kill them pigs

Ruling you cities, controlling your towns
Entrapped in your worst nightmare
Piercing your ears with the horrible sound
Casting my exclusive stare

Lucifer laughs, his needs are fulfilled
The flames are now burning hot
Bodies are burning, the people are killed
Torture reason we fought

Death metal
Kill them pigs

Now we take over and rule by death metal
Enjoy our long wanted reign
Blood's what we want and we won't settle
Until we drive you insane

Attacking the young and killing the old
Pleeding with every heart beat
Darkness has fallen and your soul is sold
Claws will dig into your meat

When the sun doesn't rise and the day is like night
Know that your life is at its end
Rendered helpless so scream out fright
Death metal came in the wind
Death metal

oryginalna wersja - Terrorizer
muzyka : Terrorizer / słowa : Oscar Garcia

From the sky you'll see it fall
Nowhere else left to hide
People screaming burn to ash
Fear of dying guess who's lost

Pray to live no more hope
Day of doom scorching flesh
Radiation lost control
Bust to war outbreak hate

oryginalna wersja - Dark Angel
muzyka : Jim Durkin / słowa : Jim Durkin, Don Doty

You fall before us, shattered in vain
You thrash about us, screaming in pain
Tortured and flaming, you're on your knees
you fucking whores, it's us you must please

We'll give you merciless
We'll give you merciless
We'll give you merciless
We'll give you merciless... death!!!

Stand up and bang, till you fall the floor
The sound is so deafening, it can't be ignored
The place is burning, your minds are destroyed
Devastated and helpless, you're left here to die

The angels has landed - judgement has come
Your death has arrived, faster than some
The darkness descending upon heaven's gates
Your soul is now promised and you know that
We'll wait!!!

We'll give you...

oryginalna wersja - Celtic Frost
muzyka : Tom Warrior / słowa : Tom Warrior

See the portal, gate to madness
Locked forever in a veil of shame
Deny extraction - thirst for disgrace
Watch his break - the emperor's killed
Light of the day - shadow from beyond
Scaffold of steel - the throne has gone

Dethroned emperor (The) foot of the stairs, dimension in might
The king sits, (his) eyes are glass
Growing of the small - the laughter's fall
Can you deny - remaining cries?
Descent of the lords - into te trap
Existence and hate - unseen gate

oryginalna wersja : Slayer
muzyka : Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King / słowa : Tom Araya

Nightmare, the persecution
A child's dream of death
Torment, i'll forgotten
A soul that will never rest
Guidance, it means nothing
In a world of brutal time
Electric, circus, wild
Deep in the infant's mind

Silent scream
Bury the unwanted child
Beaten and torn
Sacrifice the unborn

Shattered, adolescent
Bearer of no name
Restrained, insane games
Suffer the children condemned
Scattered, remnants of life
Murder a time to die
Pain, sufferaged toyed
Life's little fragments destroyed

Silent scream,
Crucify the bastard son
Beaten and torn
Sanctify lives of scorn

Life preordained
Humanity maintained
Extraction termination
Pains agonizing stain

Embryonic death
Embedded in your brain
Suffocation, strangulation
Death is fucking you insane

Nightmare, the persecution
A childs dream of death
Torment, ill forgotten
A soul that will never rest
Innocence withdrawn in fear
Fires burning can you hear
Cries in the night

oryginalna wersja - Anti-Nowhere League
muzyka : Anti-Nowhere League / słowa : Piotr Wiwczarek

Another bloody night another damned place
My head is fucked up I've got another face
Too many bites I feel like on high
But the hunger's still growing so - do you wanna die?

We are the league, we're extraneous to you
We are the league, we are the anti-man
Without being seen

(So) don't play with me, fool!
We're league of the hell
And we are the strong

We are the league
We are the league
We are the league
The anti-christian league

When the moon is round, we're feeling the pain
Leaving the crypts, they are our domain
Blood suckin' race madness living in the eyes
No fuckin' mercy you won't find it in us

We are the league and we are the sin
We are the league and we do always win
A fuckin' noise you don't even know
A mighty ways, (still) out of the law

We are giving a bliss we are giving extasy
Eternal live, no ending fantasy
Joy on the earth, joy in the hell
Unite with the league we're unholy spell

We are the league and we are insane
We are the league and we have not the name
Without the souls our bodies supreme
I'm coming to bite you know, what does it mean

I . F . Y . ( I FEEL YOU )
oryginalna wersja : Depeche Mode
muzyka : Depeche Mode / słowa : Piotr Wiwczarek

I feel you
Your son is dead
I feel you
Within my mind
You're fearing me
Still fearing me
My kingdom comes
You tried to do
To lead me through eternity

But this is the morning of our law
And this is the dawning of our law

I hear you
Your fadin' voice
I feel you
Die on the cross
The joy it brings
When heaven burns
Your golden gates
Don't try to do
'Cause I'll kill you eternally

This is the dawning of fallen one
And this is is the fall of your nailed son

I kill you
Your holy soul
And I kill more
I feel you
Your suffer-son
My kingdom comes
I feel you
Each move you make
I feel you
What for you wait
Where angels sing
I spread my wings
See my rebirth
I'll take you down
To glory's throne
Don't ask me... why?

oryginalna wersja - Black Sabbath
muzyka : Black Sabbath / słowa : Ozzy Osbourne

What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me
Turn around quick, and start to run
Find out I'm the chosen one
Oh no!

Big black shape with eyes of fire
Telling people their desire
Satan's sitting there, he's smiling
Watches those flames get higher and higher
Oh no, no, please help me!

Is it the end my friend?
Satan's coming 'round the bend
People running 'cause they're scared
The people better go and beware!
No, no, please no!

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