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Strange visions dreams my mind
When I am walking through the night
Each time I see the visage of the moon
Dead cities amongst the sands
Under the black abyss of seas
Does moadness seize my soul?
The elder race
From beyond the stars,
Eternal watchers
Of sphere of no return
Seven steals
Of seven mighty gates
That come true within' me
Here's the key by which I can summon
the forgotten world
Unnatural desire of the knowledge of the gods.
Lust eating up the brain wherein there isn't fear
I break the sleep of spectral friends
Tear open the unseen, ghostly screen.
I make free for all ways for demons now,
And ruin the tomb of sacred souls ...
An epileptic trance is entering my body,
to break all control rule of this mind,
A boiling brain addicted to madness,
In which every night is like a horrror dream.
Shudder in the dark breath,
Old evil blowing icily from the dark,
Wrapped in a shroud of mistery,
Faint voices from beyond the spaces.
Sample a dark universe, domain of the strange races,
With theangry gods,
Best forgotten and left undiscovered.
You know, of course,
I'll be back from the dead,
Blessing the blackness in glory,
Of billions of years,
On collapsed stars,
In rituals of the ancient race!


Necromancy, the rites of dementia
See what the death looks like
Souls fromthe limbo, coming with eternal
Arrive into circle of trembling hands
No inferno but also no heaven
No god on his golden throne
Promised eden turned into desert
Empty space and dead remains
Spectral mouth tells hopeless truth
In unknown words massacring the mind
There is nothing after life
What we can imagine now and here
Infinitely full of posthumous nothing
Greed for immorality
Is only despair now
Caught in the waiting for nowhere
Selling the souls for oblivions price
"I must be immortal"
Nocturnal stagnacy as I burn my candles,
Sanity now dozes and waits for a day
Nightmares in their real dimensions
No hope now...
Soon I will die...
No inferno but also no heavens
No god on his golden throne
Promised eden turn into desert
Empty spaces and dead remains


Mortal crosses standing in the row,
Seem to reach up to the burning sky,
Damned souls grouping on the dark,
Going round the stretched arms,
Bodies, faces,
Unnaturally bended in pain,
Lifeless eyes staring at the space
Persecution of the dying has begun.
Here's the place of the alteration,
Where life turns into other form,
Dark ritual of demons procreation,
Hear the cries - of the crucified ones,
Throbing Fleshes in the rhythm of thunder,
Blasphemy in light of raving bolts,
Nailed hands greeting angry gods,
Coming fourth to feast in blood.
Bodies, faces,
Unnaturally changed in lust,
Purple fluid stream in wood,
Like tears of dying cross...
Here's the place of alteration,
Where gods turns into temporal form,
Dark ritual of demons procreation,
Come on! Leave your life and join the dead hell
Masters of forgotten arts,
Deign to look at your servant,
Acceptance my greatest sacrifice.
Send revenge on bastard's seed!
O come to me!
I beg thee, open wide the gates,
All fiends of fiends,
From the deep of dark abyss arrive!
Pazuzu, the evil one,
Lord, who feeds on angels cries!
Bless the damned, curse the blessed,
-crucify them


Warriors with hate inflict destruction
Comes true the awful predicition
Still alive corpses lie in the street
Spitting the blood to the God
Dying in flames damned mob
Screaming with pain, "This can't be, oh God!"
Maybe they will understand he was never
But it'll be too late, so die forever
Circling in the sky the demons now descend
To raise their slaughter of mankind till its end
The final massacre of people on the earth
Pain cracks their minds, everywhere is Death
False gods in their temples tremble with fear
They know the death is now so near,
Unearthly Armageddon burns with flames of doom
Poisoned seed flung into virgin's womb
Circling in the sky the demons now descend
To raise their slaughter of mankind till its end
The final massacre of people on the earth
Pain cracks their minds, everywhere is Death
Merciless angels fly over heads
It's no time for your imploring pleads
Commit suicide with horror in your eyes
Bleeding with scars, pride world now dies
Warriors with hate inflict destruction
Comes true the awful prediciction
Still alive corpses lie in the street
Spitting the blood to the God
Dying in flames damned mob
Screaming in pain, "This can't be, oh God!"
Maybe they will understand he was never
But it'll be too late, so die forever
Different Armageddon came true under our eyes
Dust comes down when the time came for sunrise
The final massacre, winds destroy the earth
Impaled heads notify, that winner is the Death


Dark shadows at the end of the night,
Mesmerised by the silvery eye,
Grey stone with carved seals,
I've found the forbidden gates!
The wolves carry my name,
Subtle voice is summoning me from afar,
Listen to my words,
This is my testimony.
Creatures dreaming in the dark,
Remember the time before the time.
They're still waiting at the gates,
Find the wisdom in the starlight!
I have found the key,
I have seen the lands which no map has ever
I have travelled among the stars,
And trembled before the gods.
I have raised the dead,
And summoned the ghosts to the real appearance,
I've known the wisdom and possesed the power!
Conquer your fear - IA! ZI AZAG!
Chant incantation - IA! ZJ AZKAK!
Call the ancient ones - IA! KHTULU ZI KUR!
Ready to rule the black earth once again - IA!


Eternal lust created by the ancient Gods
Waked me up once again
My stinkin' corpse abandoned the crypts
I waited for this night in
I'm doomed for transmigration of souls
My suffering remains and increases
I can't live and die at rest
My life in death is my fate
Terrible curse that blinds my eyes
Fetters of death make me a slave of my cry
Reincarnation through the ages
Made me God for the mortals
I bear the cross for next sacrifice
To break out of the curse
The endless hunger of human life
And bloody lust to kill
Eternal hate of light and day
Made me a Prince of night
Terrible curse that blinds my eyes
Fetters of death make me slave of my cry
I'll be back
You will die
Mortal visions in your head create your fear
and haunt your mind
Secret fluids from the past break into brain -
you're insane
My damned life is reborn in your flesh
I am your soul
Now you are me
Secular powers of imensity
Freeze your eyes and putrify your blood
Breath of the ages destroys your will
Opened gates of time absorbe your life
In your veins now floods grubby rot
You're deathlike carrion infected with me
Lust and pain
You feeel htat in your spoilt flesh
Death has broken into your mind
But you're alive
In your veins now floods grubby rot
Your life depends entirely on me
I remember Adam and Eve and time of deluge
I've seen the burning of Sodom and fall of Rome
I was Jesus Christ and man consecrated my name
My unholy ghost is damnation of the living Hell


Time to play - to cut off your head
time to die - my cruelty will make you dead
show your fear, don't escape into madness
your rotting gutted body
shall vanish in the maze of death
An ablazing usurper's dream
blasphemy to idols made in stone
throne of might and its unseen lord
stars waned by the fright of him
Shining jewels in His crown
like drops of my sacrificial blood
ceremony of abhorrent's deaths
words too insane to tell
The pentagramic rule
of the frigid existence
distainful temptation
of an absurd resistance
mindless decaying eyes of the dead
observe the world with fear
Sstaring at the growth
of limitless domination
Dementious, perverse lust and will
to see my Master as triumphant
extreme of coldful force
to bring His enemies down on their knees
Cruel, irresponsible wisdom
purity of duration in fear
chaotic experiences of my mind
becoming now to be distinct



I'm starting the test
Your unbelief
Conquering emperor,
Woke up your brain,
Restless thoughts,
Still consuming your mind,
You help my magic,
With your horrible frights.
Words of wreck,
Rest in your head,
Triumpher of you,
The self-cremation.
Death-the door, you near with evry day to,
The way shall save your soul,
Close the past of life,
Cross the still of fear you shall be free.
Anxious eyes,
Opened in fear,
Pulsation of blood,
Inside the bowels,
Something cold,
Touching twisted veins,
Never-ending bloody stream,
Scarlet waves carry you away,
Across the styx into resting place,
Hear my voice, my words of your destiny,
Nick your shell and fly towards me!
Rest - under my wings,
Look - at my face,
Come - in my arms,
Give me your life - set free your lunatic soul,
Frosty edge,
Penetraet again,
Cuts in rage,
You choose the only way,
Approach my son,
Give me your hand,
Forget yourself,
Leave it behind! you're mine!


Burnt hill abandoned by life,
Sealed eith thousands curses,
Haunted by the shadows,
Unholy place where the dead materialize,
In their phantom form,
To penetrate the minds of the living ones.
So I call to thee,
Reading words of the unholy conjuration,
I have to know,
I have to see,
Let the blaze be free!
Fifty names,
Of the watchin' at the gates,
All the human fear,
In it's physical appearance,
Open the gates,
For the chariots in a blaze,
Call the wind from the burning deeps of space.
Look at the blood,
Coming into sight,
THe day's gonna die, and will never born again!
Shapeless fleshses in silvery glow,
Smell the breath,
From the open throats of graves,
Darkness grows,
Clammy fog descends,
Demons wind, the stars answer your desire,
Join the undead,
That's the place you'll never leave,
You wanna die...but death cannot do us apart..
Eternal call lurking in a mind,
Awaiting the time to wake the madness p.
For everyone forgotten from the ace of men,
Let my words be warning.


Black rotting blood invades my ailing flesh
Destroys and burns me down alive
Uncreated lips stinking of death
Excommunicated creators of mine
Blasphemous words and eyes that bleed
In horrible never ending torment
Waiting for hell my dead body looks ahead
That will be soon to an end
Prepare you to die,
This comes unexpected
Ask nobody "why?",
It's just an inevitable thing
Stilll existing mind being in deadly fear
Soon will be only heap of musty rot
Tongue, heart and all my gusts shall be digested
by the necrophagic grubs
No hope I must die and turn to ashen dust
My soul will fly away to realms of dead
Absurd resistance, I feel darkness takes my soul
I'm only, after all, the slave of hell
Raise from this grave
Is fear in your eyes?
You have to leave your flesh
Still wait for you - decapitated saints
I've died to live in everlasting world
Where reigns death and holy low of hate
Omniponent lords feeding the groans
Of turn souls imploring for mercy
I'm in the place, where sin is all around
And blood flows from every clipped head
A billion dirty souls decay in ones own blood
Awaitnig beneficial touch of force, that lets them die!
I'm rising up above eternal mists
Heavens lie at feet of mine
Wandering the sky I see transformed Christ
Whose head I'm holding in my hand
Is it possible, the heaven is the hell?
Perhaps it's my own terrible dream
Clipped sacred heads seem to say to me
"That's true, the sky has turned into fire!"


Black cities hidden in the dark
among the waters, beneath the seas
horrible thoughts destroy the minds
through the endless nights
You don't know what's to come
while I'm chanting incantations
stay away and don't play with this
you'll never understand
Buried in the frozen seas
Tombs of forgotten Gods
who came forth from blackened stars
a breath of centuries here
A different, inconceivable cult
shreds of the eternal, endless circle
gates to hell for chosen ones
awake from mortality
You don't know what's to come
while I'm chanting incantations
stay away and don't play with this
you'll never understand
and you never understood
That is not dead - which can eternal lie
but with the strange eons - even Death may die
words written long ago - in sacred book of Might
the lethal, ominous power - eclipsing all the light
The breaking, unseen ice - a dealdy fate's angry
nightmarish ghosts - spectra and souls
the burning fire-brands - in every open mind
and eyes shattered - of timed fools
Madness is so strange blessing
If you nothing understand
That's better to be dead
when the Gods soon descend
Awaiting in horrific peace
the Master of All is dozing
His time yet hasn't come
His hour remains unknown
You don't know what's to come
while I'm chanting incantations
stay away and don't play with this
you'll never understand

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