wings Vader

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(Tekst: Paweł Frelik / Muzyka: Paweł Wiwczarek )

Bogowie i diabły nigdy nie istnieli. Istnieli za to ludzie, których w nich obrócono i których uwięziono w nadprzyrodzonych inkarnacjach.

No act of spawning was my birth
There is no darkness after my dawn
I don't commander chthonian gods
That call for hatred, tears and pain

I just don't know why I have a pair of wings

You come to me and ask for help
You urge me to unleash my wrath
You cry and yell and bag and pray
You chant some words I don't understand

Is it 'cause I have a pair of wings?

The rites are drawn to celebrate
The fall that never happened
Over and over you kill the same god
Whose name I don't even know

Would you do the same
If I shed my pair of wings?

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