In spite of all Varius Manx

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Lights go out conversations of the what quiet town

The last tram way runs away from the night

I hate this moments

when I have to fight with a silence cause

I always lose and again I think of you

Of you

Flashe go remain in a small cafee down town

And then you said

You trust me small deeply

Sometimes I wish

You left your perfect life for me

the smile of your child

remainds me or not mine

In spite of all

I wish you happyness

In spite of all

Please always be a yourself

In spite of all

don't degrade anything

In spite of all

take care and say your dreams

People say a live a cage made by myself

but I don't care

I just keep away from this game

You're not with me

You're live in the other side

I hope everything you do is the best for you

For you

I have no right love you

I have not right to hold you

Just give me the right to dry your tears

when you ever cry

If your love is great you don't have to be afraid

cause all the world is yours

Lights go aut but I can't fall asleep one more time

I lose will the night.

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