This kind of days Varius Manx

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Sometimes this kind of days (oou oou)

Comes here from nowhere ( oou oou)

A little drop so greate

I roll in a down my face

I wonder for me throws with my tears

I am walking down the street

I guest I lost myself but it's strange

cause I`ve been living here for years

I feel so small afraid child

like grandal live in greandpa

In moment I did you spent and

Flowing in the wind

Sometimes this kind of days

Comes here from nowhere

And see is in my fellings

A litlle girl from the past

Suddenly wakes up

inside of me

If I could turn back a time

If I could proofs it lokwed wine

How do it now?

O dear.

I swear

I laying of the sand and

talking to my toy

we`re dreaming on strong and round

lolypops the mummy is so young

she is smiling all the time then he says

that I be like she's

Someday I can`t belive it's gone

but I still come so

I'm walking down the street and I

trying to fill my tears away

My lonely tears

Sometimes this kind of time ... .

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