On The Run Warren Zeiders

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a C G D

Zwrotka 1
a Man I grew up Cway up north
On Gthat clay dirt under Dthat red sun
a My Dad told me Clisten here boy
GLife ain't always gonna D be fun

a Now I live my life Con the run
Hand on my Ghip, one on the Dgun
a Momma said what happened to Cyou my son
Why are you Galways on the Drun?

Zwrotka 2
a Momma, take aC seat
GKick back while I Dpour some drinks
a Father, where Cyou been
GGod above know of Dall our sins

a Now I live my life Con the run
Hand on the Gclip, one on the Dgun
a Did you miss me enough to drinkC 
Drink enough to miss your Gonly Dson

Zwrotka 3
a Momma, I’m Csorry
For Gwhat that man has Ddone to you
a Father, thisC is it
GGod above knows Dwhat you did

a C G D
a C G D

a Lord,C forgive meG of all the sin I mustD commit

a Now I’m done living Con the run
Hands on my Ghip, smoke from my Dguna   
Now I smell like Cblood and death a lot
Jesus GChristD   a coming afCter me and theG darkest of Dnightsa   

Give yourC loved onesG a kiss good nightD 

a C G D

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