I lay my love on you Westlife

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aJust a smile and thed rain is gone
GCan hardly belCieve it (eyeah)
aThere's an angel standing
dNext to me
FReaching fGor my heCart   G 

aJust a smile and there's
dNo way out
GCan hardly belCieve it (yeeah)
aBut there's an angel and
dShe's calling me
FReaching fGor my heCart    G 

aI know, that I'll be ok now
CThis tFime it's reGal

Ref :I lay my love on you D 
        It's all I want to Ado
        Every time I bhreathe I feel branAd new
        You open up my heaDrt
        Show me all your lAove, and walk
        Right tehrough
        AsG I lay mAy love oDn you

aI was lost in a ldonely place
GCould hardly beliCeve it (yeeah)
aHolding on to yedsterdays
GFar, far too Clong    G 
aNow I believe its ok cause
CThis tiFme it's reGal

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