Perfect Harmony Within Temptation

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Intro- (Flauta)

DIn a world so faG6r away
DAt the end of a cloG6sing day
DA little child was boG6rn and raised
DDeep in the forest on a hiG6dden place
Mother nAever saw his fDace

Chorus (2 Vezes)
Ancient spDirits of the fG6orest
Made hAim king of elves and thb rees
He was the Donly human bG6eing
Who lAived in harmob ny
In pG6erfect haArmonyD 

DThe woods protected, fuG6lfillled his needs
DFruit by birds, hoG6ney by bees
DHe found shelter uG6nder threes
DHe grew up in their coG6mpany
They becAame his familDy

Chorus (2vezes) + SOLO

DA thousand seasons
They pG6assed him by
DSo many times, have saG6id goodbye
DAnd when the spirits called ouG6t his name
DTo join forever, foreG6ver to stay
A forest spAirit he becDame

Chorus (2 vezes)

In PG6erfect HAarmonDy___

Teclados + SOLO

Chorus (2 vezes)
In PG6erfect HAarmonDy___

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