Do Or Die 30 seconds to mars

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DIn the middle of the night
GWhen the angels scream
b I don't wanna live a life
I beAlieve
Time to do or die

DI will never forget Gthe moment, the moment
b I will never forget Athe moment

And the story goes Don! GOn! b On!
AThat's how the story goes

You and I will never die
It's a dark embrace
In the beginning was a life, a dawning age
Time to be alive

I will never forget the moment, the moment
I will never forget this night
We sing, we sing...

DOn! GOn! b On!
AThat's how the story goes

GFate is coming Athat I know. DTime is running, got to go.
GFate is coming, Athat I know. DLet it go.
GHear me Anow Dunder the banner of heaven
We Gdream of Alove D 

DDo or die... and the story goes (Gon, Aon, Gon)A 
And the story goes on! On! On!
This is the story

GFate is coming Athat I know
DTime is running out
Fate is coming that I know
Let it go
(Time to do or die)

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