Train 4 Non Blondes

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BWhat ya gonna do child
when your thoughts are movin' slow
find another to show you where to go
Ayou'll be searchin' fore that trainB
Aand you'll seee it's a trainB
What ya gonna do child
when your mommy goes away
she won't take you
she'll leave you astray
eyou'll be searGchin' for somebody elseB
Abut you know for sureE it's that trainB

AAnd you see yourself
esearchin for someGbody else
Aand you know, oohE its trainB

BWhat ya gonna do child
when you leave it all behind
find another, to blow it in your mind
Ayou'll be searchin'e for that train

B e B A e B

AAnd you'll see it's a train
and you see yourself
esearchin' for somebody else
Abut you know forE sure it's thatB train

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