Everything But The Wings Alan Jackson

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C a F G x2

CIt’s hard to dea scribe
Fyou’re like Gnothing I’ve ever Cknown in my a life
Ftime is Gflowing from down dCeep inside your eyes
Fso selfness and cGomplete

CYour beauty in anda out
Fall arGound you not aC single cloa ud
Flike the rain just Gstops before itC hits the a ground
Fand puddles at your Gfeet

You’re Can aa ngel
FI know hGeaven wonders wChere you a are
Flike you Gfell of some old CshiC/Hning sta ar
Friding to myG heart
an Canga el,
Fwhen I’mG with you I feel lCike a ka ing
Fjust like Gout of some old CmovC/Hie scea ne
Gan anFgel, eGverything but the Cwings


CLooking at a you
Fit’s hard to Gbelieve that you coulCd feel the way a I do
Fnever thought IG’d find so much Clove we’re fallinga to
For perfect or Gtrue

Cso never goa away
Fif heaven Gcalls you back justC ask if you cana stay
FI never Gfind someone Cto ever take your a place
Fyou know they only made aG few

You’re aCn ana gel
FI know hGeaven wonders Cwhere you a are
Flike you fGell of some old CshiC/Hning sta ar
Friding to my Gheart
an Canga el,
Fwhen I’m wGith you I feel Clike a a king
Fjust like Gout of some olCd mC/Hovie sa cene
Gan aFngel, eGverything but the Cwings

a F
GEverything but the Cwings,
a an anFgel, Geverything but the Cwings

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