Had It Not Been You Alan Jackson

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The gFirl's wouldn't look anything like they Cdo
Can't imagine my life without dresses and sFhoes

I never taking a sunset from a front porch swing
Or mB ake any sense of the plGeasure love brings
IF'd been alone for sd ure, had it not Cbeen Fyou

I wouldn't reach for your arCms When my dreams don't come tFrue
Never sit holding hCands On a crowded church pFew

I wouldn't smile when my fingers run through your hair
Or laugh wB hen we race to the tGop of the stairs
I'd get oFld for sd ure, had it not bCeen yFou

You know there are tiCmes That I cFan't wait to pick up the pB hone
When you're callCin'
And the thFree little voCices That ald ways chime in right aB long,
When we're talkCin'

Oh B I never would sCee through eyes of tFruth
And my hB eart would have oCverlooked
a vCiew that some just td alk of and never fB ind, In a lCifetime

FIt's hard to descra ibe in just wd ords how I feel when I B home and beCside you
But I mFake it knCown It's just tFime that I kill When I'm gB one and withCout you
I B up all through the nCight If you will loFve me
As loB ng as I wake uCp each morning
I'Fll know IC'm the ond ly one arB ound, For a liCfetime

I'd never have tFaken in a sunset from the front porch swing
Or mB ake any sense of the plGeasure love brings
I'd been alFone for sure, Had it not a been yFou

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