Young Lovers Amy Macdonald

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DHow can one so Ayoung predict the Gfuture before it Acomes
And Dhow can one so Asmall
Really Gsee the way the world should Abe
And Gyes, your time will Acome
You’re not the Gonly one, the only Aone

Oh the Dworld is much sweeter
Through the Ayoung lovers eyes
But Galways see our memories of Afighting and lies
Oh the Dgrass could be much greener
Through the Ayoung lovers eyes
But Galways believe…………….             A 


And Dyes, I’m just the Asame
I’ll never Gchange no matter what you Asay
And Glife could be much Abrighter, could be much Gnicer
If we all lived that Away
And Gyes you’ll write a Asong, we’ll sing Galong out of Akey

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