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B boy baby Amy Winehouse

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Mmm yeah
Oooooh, yeah

[Chorus x2:]
B boy, be my baby (won't you be my baby)
My one and only baby (be my baby now)
B boy, be my baby (be my baby now)
My one and only baby (Oh, oh, oh, oh)

It was winnin' time, you know what they say
Did you think about us, did you miss your baby?
I'ma catch the train, guess I'm headin' your way
You're my number one, that's all, a newborn son
Won't you be my king? (won't you be my king?)

'Cause I know you care, I'll dirty dance for you
And when I'm done I'm gonna do it again
And when it's over I'ma pull you closer
Keep your Nikes on, you know how we do
There's nothing he won't try
We're like two stars in the sky

You are my rainy day, sunshine
It's plain to see
My heat in the cold of Winter
Just so right for me
So won't you please


Put two in the air if you feel like me
Someone who cares feels so freaky
In demand by all the ladies
He's not for sale, he's being home-delivered to me
So hang up for your trying cards, please (he's my baby)

Love-sick calls, that's what I get
I hear his voice and things get wet
Knows what I want, then he'll fetch
He's my boo and I'm his little pet, his little pet
You never know what he'll do next, he's my baby

My rainy days, my sunshine
Living fantasy
My heat in the cold of Winter
Just so right for me
So won't you please

[Chorus x2]

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