Will you still love me tomorrow Amy Winehouse

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CTonight you're a mine completely    d         G 
CYou give your a love... so sweetly           G 
ToniEght, the lE7ight of la ove is in your a eyes
d7 But will you Glove me tomorrow?  C 

CIs this a lastia ng treasud re      G 
COr just a momea nt's pleasure?   G 
CEan I belieE7ve the maa gic of your siga hs?
d7 Will you stilGl love me tomorrow?C 

FTonight with words unse poken
FYou say that I'm the Conly one
FBut will my heart be be roken
When the a night meets the D7morning d7 sun?  G7  

CI have to kna ow... that your d love    G 
CIs a love I caa n ... be sure of,G 
ESo tell me now, E7and I won't asa k again        a   
d7 Will you still love Gme tomorrow?       C 
d7 Will you still love Gme tomorrow?       C 

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