By Your Side Ania Szarmach

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And I
still remember
when I last Saw your eyes
One word
stopped this moment
we just said goodbye
But I
also knew
what could come to rescue me
remember this…
So I
made a picture of you in my memory
To have
If a piece of this precious while
which could let me live
With the thought
of meaningful words from the song written by
itself and that song was simply mine

I will be always baby by your side
Though I want know you better sometimes

I will be always baby by your side
I’m here for you wherever you are

So time!
Be my ally
learn what is best for me
the most difficult truth does always win
But if you have
only good intentions
for anyone
is waiting for you
from the world around

So how
many stars
are yet to fall from the sky
And give me
Sparks of hope
that it will come alive
That one day
just like that when I look into your eyes
I could
say the words of the song I knew…before
I will be always baby…

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