Shades of Love Ania Szarmach

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When you say
Good morning World
you don’t even know
How the life will go

When you ask
How it’s gonna be
Thousands of advices flow…

Then the answers are
slowly trickling down
like the rays of the sun
and you’ll soon recognize

that when you start
to love someone
from now on you’re a child

Shades of love (choir)
A child describes it in the best way
Shades of love (choir)
Choose an unexpected journey
Shades of love (choir)
Give all your heart, do not regret
Shades of love (choir)
Love is the life, love is the secret

The way of life
always needs your heart
so you can reach
the farthest stars

Or sometimes
painfully verify
your wisdom, powers and desires…

Mountains, clouds
Oceans and the skies
are fields of love
all within your sight

No universal
key to someone’s heart
So go on a journey of your life !

Shades of love (choir)… 3x

When you meet the storm
Just try to feel like the raindrops touch you
Go into the wind!
Love is worth the try

You’re an endless source of power
You live here but only once
without a trial, without a break
So, don’t waste your time!

Fly to the moon
Do not look back
Fight for the love
Open your heart
Let love fill your life
Just live…

All of the shades of your love…
All of the shades of your love…

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