Gaze Ania Szarmach

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I could gaze at you
even though I’m a woman
The world admires this view
of my blooming heart
and deep inside my mind
I’m still holding on to you
and waiting till I have you…

How it is?
Now I know I can breathe
…didn’t suppose
that there will be the day
I feel more beautiful
I’m not trying to pretend…
I found my smile
There’s nothing I would hide
When you’re around
I feel that I have on my hand
whole pure blue sky
my head is filled with butterflies

I could gaze at you…

What it is?
We don’t really need…
…no magic spell
that could be of help today
when you’re miles away
…am I sure if it’s unexplained?
So let it be
and naturally
Let it evolve
‘cause the time’s essentiall to be sure if it all -
we found what we’ve been looking for

I could gaze at you…

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