Young pretender Avril Lavigne

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New things are going on every day
The people always come but never stay
I'm counting on you to make it right
I wanna be with you tonight.

And you can save me from the darkness
And you can scare away the monsters in my head
And you can make me feel like I have somebody
And the pain will go away.

CHORUS: 'Cause I'm a young pretender
Drowning in my guilt and sorrow
I try to be like the others sometimes
By pretending to be somebody I'm not.
I'm a young pretender
Wanderin' the distance
You make my life complete
I want to see you again.

Everybody thinks I'm one way
As far as they can tell
But some people start to see
That I'm just not who they want me to be.

But then you came along
To show me right from wrong
My life improved so greatly
My heart bursting out in song..

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