The rose Bette Midler

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Some say Clove, it is a Griver,
That Fdrowns the Gtender Creed.
Some say Clove, it is a Grazor,
That Fleaves your Gsoul to Cbleed.
Some say elove, it is a ahunger,
An Fendless d7aching Gneed.
I say Clove, it is a Gflower
And Fyou it's Gonly Cseed.

It's the Cheart afraid of Gbreaking,
That Fnever Glearns to Cdance.
It's the Cdream afraid of Gwaking,
That Fnever Gtakes the Cchance.
It's the eone who won't be ataken,a7  
Who Fcannot d7seem to Ggive.
And the Csoul afraid of Gdying
That nFever Glearns to Clive.

When the Cnight has been too Glonely
And the Froad has Gbeen too Clong.
And you Cthink that love is Gonly
For the Flucky Gand the Cstrong.
Just eremember in the awinter,
Far Fbeneath the bitter Gsnow. Gsus4     
Lies the Cseed that with the Gsun's love,
In the Fspring beGcomes the Crose.

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