A Gal in Calico Bing Crosby

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I met a gal in Calico down in Santa Fe
Used to be her Sunday beau
'Til I rode away
Do I want her
Do I want her love
Will I win her
Will I win her love
Wait and see

Workin' with the rodeo
Go from town to town
See most every kind of gal
Every kind they got
But who makes my heart sing
Yip-ee-aye, Yip-ee-o
My little gal in Calico

(You can have your gal
Dressed in silk and satin
Tose who dress to shape
And crepe to shiek
Take your pretty gal
To go around Manhattan
Thinking they look well in velveteen
When they're at the table
We're not able
To imagine how they look)

I'm just a country boy
And my country boy
Knows a fancy cover
Doesn't make a fancy book

(No, the fancy cover
Doesn't make the book)

I'll take my gal in Calico
Down in Santa Fe
(Santa Fe, Santa Fe)
I guess I better let her know
That I feel this way

Is she waitin'
Is she waitin'
She better be
Am I hopin'
To be ropin' her

Gonna quit the rodeo
Gonna settle down
Buy a bow in Calico
For a wedding gown
Then will I fetch her in
My little gal in Calico
(Yip-ee-aye, Yip-ee-o)
(Little gal, Calico)

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