Adventures Of The Free Brainstorm

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when he was a boy
he played with his toys
in the back of the bush
where he once used to hide

he rarely thought
life would follow a plot
to become what his parents
would never find right

dad at his age
had his newspaper rage
never leaving a page
out of his sight

mother was cooking
always good looking
taking her boy to church every sunday

‘cos they wished for their boy all the best in the world
luminous diamonds and sparkling gold, oh Lord
they never forgot to take care of their hope
good looking gardens and fashionable clothes, oh Lord

as the boy got older
took his mom by the shoulder
and this is what he told her:
„i see through your code“

not long after dinner
he felt as a winner
packing his bag
and hitting the road

the parents were grieving
the road it was weaving
uphill to the east
like a tale of a dog

he didn’t look back
at the past that was wack
at least that was something that stuck in his mind

‘cos he thought he knew better what is best in the world
to fill up the sentence with his own words, for sure
he never forgot to take care of his hope
to play his own music with his own chords, for sure

when he was tired and restless
he couldn’t fall asleep
he craved to sail the ocean
others see too deep
his foolishness is lazy
and so is sanity
he saw the world as endless
adventures of the free

so, he didn’t look back
at the past that seemed wack
as he got to the top of the hill he stopped
took a deep breath and ran right before

he jumped into freedom and tasted its glamour
nights that made sick to his stomach
„freeyourmind“ sessions with hippies all summer
he’s been behind bars in stripped pajamas
sang hallelujah and hare rama
he met the pope and dalailamaate with osama and ms. obama
felt the cold in siberia and heat in bahamas
the further he went the more he missed dad&mama
missed dad&mama..

passing the bush
where he once used to hide
he’s at the door
about to step inside

the house he has left
many years ago
now, the circle is done
like it was his goal

his foolishness was lazy
and so was sanity
he saw the world as endless
adventures of the free

the story is over
but then it continues
simply just like they sing in the blues

if no one sends a letter
you were not receiving
you can’t go home
if you were never leaving

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