Count My Fingers Brainstorm

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if I count my fingers
1 to 10
i know there’ll never be a problem
count me out or count me in
i’m never gonna leave your side
i remember we were friends
i could tell you everything
but now we've crossed that line again
staring at the stormy skies

in the rain we break apart
colors bleed into the gutter
death to rainbows death to art
color me into the corners
what we had and could have been
but fate will tell a different story
one without happy ending
it’s time to close the book and cry again

they thought that we were out of love
they never knew we would find each other
we won’t give up till the music stops
they’ll never catch us when we’re dancing

so we step out into the night
the sun is shining
snowflakes upon your eyes
all sparkle as the midnight hour arrives
and suddenly the darkness begins to rise
and all around
the forest has come to life
and wraps itself around us
it’s happy that it found us
it’s turning us into dust

the forest still
there’s static in the air
they’re searching through the streets tonight
i count my fingers
1 to 10
i’m never gonna leave your side
it’s over now
the spirit’s gone
i climb into the bed beside you
the light shines down
the shadow’s long
staring at the stormy skies

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