...and I Wonder Brainstorm

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You never meant to stay alive
But this flame within your heart hasn't died
You tried to run away from all the things you've done
Now I hope that you will understand
Remember the times when you held my hands
You thought you're strong but not until we'll meet one by one

You're so strong, don't say goodbye
It seems to be so long until you'll lose your sense of time

And I wonder if you're out there
Hear you calling my name from somewhere
And I wonder what's inside
Like a memory you chose to hide

The time has come to meet your mystery
With all your thoughts you're too blind to see
With all these changes, who's to blame, you know my name
You knew this day would come to end
You're crashing through the walls of time
But there is no one to set you free, not what it used to be

But now you're gone and said goodbye
It seems to be so wrong until your time has come to shine

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