I Think About You Bryan Adams

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I ought to be workin', but I can't concentrate,
I ought to be sleepin', 'stead of stayin' up late.
When I ought to be doin' all the things I should do,
I think about you.

I ought to be writin', but I can't find the song,
Just sittin' here driftin', driftin' along.
There's only one thing that I wanna do,
And that's think about you.

I think about you, I can't get no rest,
I think about you, there ain't no one else,
It's all I can do, I can't help myself,
Ya, I think about you.

I could go cruisin', but I've had enough,
I could go drinkin', but I can't stand the stuff.
It just don't do me like it used to do,
I'd rather think about you.

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