Don't Need You Bullet For My Valentine

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So now this ship is sinking
I don’t know what to do
It’s got me thinking that I
Don’t need
Don’t need you

Too many wrong decisions
You didn’t think this through
So what I’m saying is I
Don’t need
Don’t need you

Open your eyes and see
What we have become
This isn’t living it’s existing
And I just can’t take this shit
and hurt anymore
hurt anymore so

Bury me with all you got
It never stops never ends gotta try and
let it out let it go
Is this the end?
‘Cos it might just break me

Look at us now we’re fucked
And nothing’s the same
The biggest piece of me is missing and I just can’t
take this life or try anymore
I just don’t care so come and

It never stops it never ends
Is it too late to make amends

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