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C7 C G x2

1. C7Often I Cam upset Gthat I cannot fall inC7 love but I guess
This avoids the Cstress of falling out of iGt
C7Are yCou tired of me yGet? I'm a little sick right now buC7t I swear
When I'm readyC I will fly us out oGf here

REF1. EOoCooGo, I'll cut my hair
EOoCooGo, To make you stare
EOoCooG, I'll hide my chest
And I'll Efigure out a way to get usC out of herGe

e OooCooG,  e OooCooG,  e OooCooG,  e OooCooG 

2. TC7urn off youCr porcelain fGace, I can't really think right now and thC7is place
Has too many Ccolours enough to driveG all of us insane
Are you C7dead? SCometimes I think I'm Gdead
Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my C7head
But I don't wanna Cfall asleep just yeGt

REF 2. OEooCooG, My eyes went dark
EOooCoo,G I don't know where
OEoooCo, GMy pupils are
But I'll Efigure out a way to get usC out of herGe

Get a loadE of this monster
He doesn't Aknow how to communicate
His mind Cis in a different place
Will everybGody please give him a little bit of space
Get a load ofE this trainwreck
His hair'As a mess and he doesn't know Cwho he is yet

But little do we know, the stars
GWelcome him with open arms

C7 C

EOoCoooG, Time is
EOoCoooG, Slowly
EOoCoooG, Tracing his face
EBut strangely heC feels at home in thisG place

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