Beauty And The Beast Celine Dion

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Intro: Eb, x111xx, Eb, x111xx,

DisTale as old as f7/Bb time,    B7    
Distrue as it can f7/Bb be,      B7    
Disbarely even g friends,
then somebody Gisbends,
unexpectedf7/Bb ly.           Dis  

DisJust a little f7/Bb change,   B7    
Dissmall to say the f7/Bb least,
Dis7both a little c7 scared,
c7/G# neither g7 one pref7 pared,
f7/Bb Beauty B7 and the DisBeast.

f7/Bb Ever  f7 just the g same,
Gisever a surpg rise,
Gisever as beg7 fore,
g7 and ever just as c sure,
c7 as the sun will Cisrise.   Cis   Dis   F 

Tale as old as g7/C time, C7   F 
Ftune as old as g7 song, C7   F 
Fbittersweet and a strange,
a finding you can B change,
B learning you were B wrong.B    C7   F 

FCertain as the g7 sun (certain as the Fsun),
Frising in the c east,
F7tale as old as d7 time,
d7 song as a7 old as g7 rhyme,
g7 Beauty C7and the FBeast. F  F7   d   

d Tale as a old as B time,
B song as a old as g7 rhyme,
g7 Beauty C7and the FBeast.

F+3, F, F+3

FBeauty Fand the FBeast.

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