San Bernadino Christie

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CI´ve been all around thise great big world toa Paris and toe Rome,
and I´ve Cnever found ae place that I coulFd really call Gmy own.
But there´s aone place where I know the sun is eshining endlessly,
and it´s Gcalling meG7 across the sea, so eI must get back to
G7San BernarCdino.C   C 

CI remember when Ie was sixteen mya Daddy said toe me,
you could Ctravel around thise universe untilF eternG..ity,
but you´ll anever find that peace of mind that eyou´ve

been dreaming of..
not Guntil youG7 finally decide eto come on home to
G7San BernaCrdinoC.  C 

COh, I´m longingG for San BernCardino,
aOh, I´m longing efor San BernarGdino.e  G7  

I´ve been Call along thee water right upa to the Rioe Grande,
and I´ve Cnever found thate paradise theyF call the promiseGd land.
I was ayoung, and foolishly I thought the eworld was at my feet,
but GI´m no differentG7 now, and so I´em homeward bound for
G7San BernaCrdinoC.  C 

Well, I´m Colder and I´me wiser, and aI see the light oef day,
and I Cthink it´s time toe realize myF dreams have goneG astray.
But I´ve atried so hard to reach that star that ewas so far away,
so, Gnow I got toG7 find that road that´Gs leading home to
G7San BernaCrdinoC.  C 

COh, I´m longingG for San BernCardino..
aOh, I´m longing efor San BernaGrdino.G7   C  G7   C 

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