Hypnotized by Jane Cinema Bizarre

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For every minute and every hour
I'm awake but I'm sleeping
My eyes are hers and she sees thru them well
My mind's all hers under a goodess spell

Hypnotized by Jane
Crawled her way into my head
Princess of the internet
Caught inside her web
I'll never be the same
She controls me as I sleep
Mindless robot in the street
All my money's hers to keep
Hypnotized by Jane

For every second thru every deep breath
I feel my conscience drifting
I heard she's working for the CIA
They're putting bar codes in our DNA

And now we're all enslaved

Street - Walker
Street - Stalker

I'll never be the same
She made me fall in love with her
Pulls the leash on this callar

Now I'm just her slave
Now I'm just a slave
Now I'm just a slave of Jane

She's the girl you won't forget

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