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aBeen standing in the corner
FStudying the lightsC 
aThe dreaming of escape
FWill keep you up at nightC 
aBut someone had put the flares Fup
And got me in the raCys
aSoF I guess I’d better Cstay
‘uh uh no come on’ you Csay

FIt’s a fool’s gold thunder
CIt’s just a warring rain
FDon’t let the fears just start ‘what if
CI won’t see you again’
FAround here you never want to Csleep all night
FSo start falling in love, Cstart the riot and

Come on Arage wiFth Cme
We don’t need awords
And we’ll be Cbirds
CGot to make our own key

Only got this moment
You and me
Guilty of nothing
But geography

Come on and raise it
Come on and raise this noise
For the million people
Who got not one voice
Come on it’s not over if you
Mean it say loud
Come on all for Love
Out from the underground

Away with me
We don’t need words

Close your eyes and see
And we’ll be birds
Flying free
Holding on in the mystery

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Fearless together
You said ‘we’ll go through this together’
When you fly won’t you
Won’t you take me too?
In this world so cruel
I think you’re so cool

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