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e C G G e C C a

e      StoCle a kGey
Took a e car downtown where the lCost boys meet
Took a carC downtown and tooa k what they offered me     e   
To sCet meG free
I saw the le ights go down at the eCnd of the scene
Saw the liCghts go down and standing ia n front of me

e C G G e C C a

e      In my CscarecrGow dreams
When they se mash my heart into smitChereens
e a Cbright red rose come ba ursting the concrete  e   
Be a cCartoonG heart

CLight a fire, a fire, a spark
DLight a fire, a flame in my hCeart

We'll run wiCld
We'll be glowing in the de ark

C G G e C C a
e C G G e C C a

All the Dboys, all the girls
All that Cmatters in theG world
All the bDoys, all the girls
All the mCadness that ocGcurs
All the hDighs, all the lows
As the rCoom a-spinning, Ggoes C 

CWe'll run riot
We'll be glowing in the de ark

e So wCe'lGl Se oarC   C   a    [x2]  

CLuminous and wired
We'll be glowing in the dGark

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