Darlin' Dan (The Rocket Man) Country Joe McDonald

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My daddy lost his life flying jets in World War III
He logged over five million miles for the NATO Air Marines
Myself I spent the last two years makin' interplanetary runs
But no one in my family flies a rocket like my mom
Darlin' Dan the rocket man
Not just one of the guys
Darlin' Dan the rocket man
Slicing up the skies
Darlin' Dan the rocket man
Makes the big rigs fly
Darlin' Dan the rocket man
She's a lady in disguise
My little baby sister won't ever be a fashion queen
She never showed interest in clothes or fancy things
Golden curls fallin' down upon some dirty coveralls
Wants to follow in her mother's footsteps, fly a rocket just like her mom
There finally came the day when mama made her last run
Malfunction of the instruments and she crashed into the
Now my baby sister won't came out into the day
She spends all her time in darkness since mama passed away

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