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(Damien Rice & Luna Seeds)

hold me quietly, hold me gently
hold me dearly, like I was sleeping...
rising up and feel us breathing
I saw we were flowing back to the beginning...

grow up child, come and face me
we've held on like orphans to a faded dream
we're not what we were, we won't fit in
we don't have to fight what is not what it seems
so don't think I'm going back to the beginning...

what is entwined (you're not listening)
lure us to heal
turn off your mind and remember to feel
what is entwined
lure us to heal
turn off your mind, remember to feel

cool your rage, it's breaking your bones
we're two old souls just trying to get home
scream and blame, you'll blind your star
I'm broken, I'm broken
I'm going back to beginning...

wake up, you're dreaming
back to beginning

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