Best day Danny Saucedo

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I never wanted more than I could fit in the palm of my hand
But you were never satisfied by the stuff that stuck to the sole of your shoe
I always find the bright side of a cloudy day
But you always complain about the sun rays

I always find a friendly face in the unknown
But you are always alone in a crowded room
I wanna jam with Kurt Cobain and Bradley Nowle
But you wanna talk to Edgar Allen Poe

I never want to let you go
But you never wanted anything more than to be free
I've always been content with stillness and dark
But you've always moved to the beat of your heart

I need a reason for an excuse
An excuse, unexcusable actions
without a thought without a care
You caught me not paying attention or not caring to
'Cause no one would do such a thing without
An advanced warning its a warning God I love the morning
After, After, After
The Best Day of my...
The Best Day of your...
The Best Day of our life.

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