Chameleon Daria Zawiałow

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You called me liar
I agreed
I’m living in the fire
Don’t you see?
I always told you
I’ll be here
But I've changed the colour of my skin

You’ve got to understand my mess
You’ve got to understand my lousy face
I only take you down, down, down, down, down... down

You were my desire
I agreed
I was terribly tired
And I still
Don’t want to stay today
You have to go away
And find another place
I don’t deserve your love
I'm hiding from the storm
I'm cold and I know
I need to be so blind, blind, blind, blind, blind... blind

Bring me to the forest
Bring me to the lea
Bring me to the land and sea
Bring me to the river
Bring me to the lake
Bring me to my last mistake

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