Everything you're not Darin

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  • Tekst piosenki Eleine
Let me break the news it’s been a while
You can’t control what I do
What’s this fuss about you saying
I ain’t all that I ain’t true

All that shit you say and do
You know laugh right back at you
Respect my way of living life like I want to
Don’t be a fool

I’m everything you wanna be
Is that why you look down on me
Your envy and you jealousy
Can’t stop the way I’m wanted so

Shoot, now go, just try to grow
I’m everything you’re not
A pretty boy like, I’m sweet I can’t be beat
I’m everything you’re not
Just trying to make you understand
Not saying I’m a better man
All I’m saying is I’m hot you’re not
Be cool don’t act a fool
I’m everything you’re not

Oh no here he comes that’s what they say
When I’m just minding my own
Watch out a few days later
You’ll find a picture of me in your girlfriend’s phone
It’s really obvious to me
That your hate is all around
I don’t give a damn yeah here I stand
It’s loud with my new sound

I’m everything you wanna be
Can’t stop the way I’m wanted so

Shoot, now go…

I am sorry, not trying to be cruel
You gotta stop thinking I’m trying to be cool

I’m everything you’re not
Stop acting like I’m not
I know I’m superhot but I don’t give a damn
About your girlfriend I know she’d say ok
Cause that’s my only way

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