Everytime Darin

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Times get rough alot
I try to express the way I feel
If everything I do and anything I say
Don't matter anyway
It's better if I don't
Do the things I do
Try to make this work
But all I do is think of you

If I ever let you go
I'll need so much more
Cuz I need you, why can't you see
That I think of you?

Chorus x2
Everytime I close my eyes
Everytime I breath I fall for you
Everytime we touch and
Everywhere I go I think of you

I can't control myself
I tried to but you were always there
You give me strenght to live
You give me that sweet smile, that only comes sometimes
And every night I lay up in my bed
I try to ask myself
I try to make it clear
I try to figure out
Why I only think of you

If ever let you go...

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