Face to the ceiling Darin

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  • Tekst piosenki Eleine
It started like a game, baby (do you wanna play?)
Whispering those words, get all over
And my vag(?) to the top, that you might feel
Straight from my heart, so what's the deal?
20 years from now while we still in pain
Do the best I can to understand
The love that I got is the love that I need
The love that you give is the air the I breathe
Layin' you down, player, this game ain't for free
You say you you wanna try, but you leave no eyes dry, baby

Can you face the feelin'?
When you got your face to the ceilin' (face to the ceilin')
I really wanna try, I really wanna see your (face to the ceilin')
why cry, baby, this isn't for real (face to the ceilin')
Love me, baby, love me, baby (face to the ceilin')
Face to the ceilin'

I know that you know
That I like the way you move your body, baby
And I do like you just the way you are
If you don't want to I won't take this so far... [fade]

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