What is love Darin

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  • Tekst piosenki Eleine
Tonight is the best night of my life
when I´m in the club i feel so right
Girls beside me lookin´ Fly so do i can´t deny
Put in my jacket and step in to the dance
Tonight is not about romance
I can´t even feel the floor
Feel so high

Girls are looking´ over
To find a lover
But tonight, what is love

What is love
When your body´s so crazy
When you move your hips and
your body so lazy
Pretty people on the dance floor
Come on baby one time give me some more
What is love
Beats drummin´ through, you like
Girls watching boys watching girls
and how they go
That´ so sweet but not for me
Tonight is the night i want to feel free!

Cause tonight is the last night of my life
Yet I see no end in sight
Have another dance, i think i might
A girl comes over around 19
(she) talk so sweet but not for me
I ain´t here to find a girl
That´s not in my plan

Girls are lookin´ over
To find a lover
But tonight, what is love


I am sure everyone of us
Feels like this sometimes
Just Wanna dance right here
And keep my love right in the air
No disrespect to you girl this night is mine

What is love


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