Bridge Dawid Podsiadło

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d B F A
d B F A

It’s like dall that I’ve learnedB
doesn’t Fmatter anymoreA
your hedart I have brokenB
and Fleft it exposAed
I dtrusted a moment B
haven’t Fthought this thrAough
thousand dpieces of our own love B
Fthey will never blooAm

F The other sigde looked so much Bbetter
F she was wearing a gsmile when I mBet her

C This bridge is dmy own fault
I felt Blocked in a cage and decFided to go
C chasing freedom that I dthought I’ve lost
I juBst wasn’t ready to admFit I was wrong
C but when I tasted the dnew world
I dfound out the cage was a plFace I belong

C d B A

dAll that I’ve learned B
doesn’t matFter anymoreA
I’ve gadthered your feelings B
they’re heFre in my armAs
Can you sdee I have changed? B
Does it even maFtter to youA?
I'm a fodol to believe so B
but it’s the lFast thing I have gAot

F The other sigde seemed so much Bbetter
F I wish I hadn’t seegn the smile when I mBet her

C You told me I should bde alone
hiBde in a place where it’s daFrk and it’s cold
C Second chances aren’t hedre no more
I usBed all of those very lonFg time ago
C Now there’s only tdhis to say…B
F I miss you evCerdydaBy g

C d B F
C d B F
C d B F
C d B

A I miss you everyday…

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  • Nusia
    Przegrałam jeszcze raz ten fragment i mi znów podpasował g-moll ;D Nie wiem skąd wzięłam Gis :o
    Akordy całkowicie ze słuchu, pewnie żaden z nich się nie zgadza, ale mi do śpiewania w domu pasują :)
    · Zgłoś · 10 lat temu
  • anonim
    Moim zdaniem zamiast Gis`u powinien być fis, lepiej brzmi. ;)
    · Zgłoś · 10 lat temu