Cohle Heart feat. Julia Pietrucha Dawid Podsiadło

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e C

You tell me that I Dsmell fine baby in the evening time
CPeople are dancing and having their fun
eI got a feeling that you're not really into me
eYou're just in it for some money and lingerie
I etry not to notice you I'm walking around the place
eI gotta step outside I love it when you Cdance
The darkness is shining bright
The streets are Dlighter
But I know Cdarling I need you to walk aeway

And everyetime I'm lonely on Friday night
It erains cats and dogs but it feels so right
CAnd I'm sure that you're funny enough
To get me all excited bout your body and your mind and Dyou know
And I know Cdarling
I need you to walk aeway

eAnd everytime I touch you, you are a Gporcupine
I fuck with spines, the Cwaterfalls are bad
We're hiding with the rest when all our Dtroubles need these feelings
Guess you have been bad now
I've been begging, I beg, I beg, I ebeg
e C
If DI only knew what was wrong with you
CThoughts in my head and what's within your heaert
I didn't know where to go
So I tried to sing along
Then your love again eoh darling I will not walk aCway
You gave me all I wanted all the money lingerieD
And I know darCling I will not walk aeway

eSo everytime we share the smile
Well it Gstinks with lies
Our treasure's told rush Cwaterfalls in bed
We're hiding with the rest
When all our Dtroubles need depleting I hear it don't lose it
I've been begging I beg I beg I ebeg
And eeverytime I'm losing I'm repeating the same night
GI got a feeling that you're feeling so brave now
CI know that you have thrown my heart into the greatest storm
You're a poison Dlove and you love you love you love
I beg I beg I ebeg

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