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D     A     D     A x4

Pierwsza zwrotka
DI'm the most little innocent liar you have Aknown
DThough you're giving me a whole Alot of your love
DI can feel I can almost feel Athat I'm there
DTouching the gate of your mind telling you AI'm bad

b And I just want Dyou to know
AYou are too kind Eto be fooled like that
b That's why I will Dbe honest, love
AYou deserve to meet Ea better men

Druga zwrotka
DI'm a crook I'm a fraud AI'm a shark a deceiver
DWhile you're sweet and Ayou're good all the beauty you deliver
DI will only break Ayour heart
DLike I did it Ain the past

b That's why I want Dyou to know
AYou should realize Ewho I really am
b I really mean Dit's real love
AI told you so Eyou could finally see

D    A  xD2  A 

AAnd I'm on the street Dagain the only place
AWhich welcomes me with open arms Dand gives me a warm farewell
AI think it's time for me Dto be a decent man
AWell hello girl I'd like Dto know: what's your name?

b I don't want you to Dknow
AYou've just been Ecaught into the sweetest trap
b I'm afraid that DI can't let you go
AUntil I feel bad E'bout lying again

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