Choir Hotel Diary of Dreams

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I heard of a man who can see through the heart
A fountain of truth as a stranger reveals
A sarcastic smile proves his true disrespect
His hands so tranquil and his eyes a deep well

To fall for your words - as profound as they are -
seems somehow absurd. How foolish to fall for
but sympathy is not what I feel for you
I know that your talk is as wise as untrue

The words of a wise man are not worth a dime
His conscience is burdened. His wisdom a crime
I forgive what I can, but my will is too strong
I won't let you go. You were trapped all along

Your temper is curbed and your fire put out
I try to form words, but your mind is too loud
I fear all this talk and I'm scared of my senses
I take a step back and just run for the door.

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