Sweet Rose Eilen Jewell

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Intro: e B e
e Where’d you go last night wiB7th a rose in your e hand
e You were quite a sight in the B7road I underse tand
e Did you a go see someone I ke now
e Is she a pretty, do you thinkB7 so

e You didn’t B7see who watched youe r way,
e You’ve no ideB7a, do you, what youe ’ll say
e Say you’lla be mine, tell me one me ore lie
e One last a time before you say B7goodbye

e B7 e (x2)

E a e a B7

e The night wind B7weeps, a high barren e sound
e My love sleB7eps beneath the bitter gre ound
e And on his ba reast his cold hande s hold,
e In lonesoma e rest, his sweB7et rose

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